Prevention, control and surveillance procedures.

Dear customers

In the event of an epidemic due to infectious disease, the main objectives of public health measures (or non-pharmacological) are to reduce the risk of individual transmission and the spread of the agent in the population, which may delay the peak of the epidemic and reduce the total number of cases, the number of serious cases and the number of deaths. The reduction in the number of cases and their severity will have a considerable positive impact on health services, allowing the load to be lightened and its use to be optimized. In an early stage of the epidemic, public health measures can also help to prevent the entry / introduction of the pathogen into a given population.

Having said that and taking into account the epidemiological outbreak that our country is going through and with the current dimension of the spread of COVID-19, Gravimeta is “obliged” to follow the “Guidance” of the DGS (006/2020 of 26 / 02/2020).

Gravimeta will scrupulously follow the dynamics of this same orientation by the DGS. In this context, we will also have to respect the measures that our Customers and Suppliers have taken or will take. Thus, Gravimeta is responsible for organizing the Occupational Health and Safety Services (OHS) internally, in accordance with what is established in the “Legal regime for the promotion of safety and health at work” (Law No. 102/2009).

It is Gravimeta’s obligation to ensure its employees health and safety conditions on a continuous and permanent basis, taking into account the general principles of prevention.

The minimum requirements for the protection of the safety and health of our Employees against the risks of exposure to biological agents in the workplace are set out in Decree-Law No. 84/97.

The “Guideline” above describes the main steps that companies should consider in order to establish a Contingency Plan in the context of infection with the new Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the causal agent of COVID-19, as well as the procedures to be adopted before a Worker with symptoms of this same infection.

This Guideline can be updated at any time, taking into account the evolution of the epidemiological framework of COVID-19.

Situations not provided for in this Guideline must be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Finally, and as a result of the table above, we inform you that as of today, part of Gravimeta’s employees will exercise their respective functions in teleworking.

The delivery of orders as you know does not depend exclusively on us, but also on our suppliers, as well as on the mobility of transporters. For this reason, the usual timings may undergo changes, which is why we suggest to our Customers, that they anticipate future purchase orders, in relation to equipment and with regard to consumables, an increase in security stocks.

As for visits to clients, we will have to analyze them on a case-by-case basis, even in the case of visits by our Dept colleagues. Technical Assistance.

Gravimeta thanks everyone for their understanding!