Training / Webinars

1 – Webinars:
– Recorded (In maintenance)

2 – Advice
Our Product Managers – certified by our suppliers – are able to advise the Customers. They have the means to carry out tests and demonstrations with the Customer’s samples.

3 – After-sales Support
3.1 – Training provided, by the Product Manager for each equipment.
3.2 – Technical Support – Analytical.
3.3 – We regularly organize seminars and workshops.

Technical Assistance

We are proud to say that our Technical Services are one our best selling “vehicles”!

Technicians in continuous training – certified by our Suppliers  – ensure the quality of the after-sales service.
By guaranting the Customer (and Supplier) quality of after-sales service one adds value, thus maintaining a high level of satisfaction of the 3 parties involved.

We also provide this after-sales service on equipments sold by other companies, namely catalogue sales companies.

Basically we have 3 modalities:
1 – Corrective intervention: in person or remotely
2 – Preventive maintenance: aims to reduce the number of corrective interventions, avoiding early breakdowns that always arise at the worst moment. Contact us  to draw up an Annual Maintenance Contract.
3 – Equipment Upgrades.

Online Demos

Current list of available equipment:
– Mechanical Testing
– Metallographic Testing 
– Hardness: Portable hardness testing
– Calorimetry: Calorimeter, IKA – gross calorific value
– Milling
– Thermal Analysis: Chip-DSC 10, Linseis – glass transition, crystallization, fusion.
– Materialographic Preparation: Ask for your demonstration of any Struers equipment by clicking here or contact us via email

Our product managers are available to provide the necessary information on methods and equipment.
Due to the social distancing regime, which makes visits and face-to-face meetings almost impossible, we are available for remote and real-time demonstration.
This moment will be interactive, where we will clarify your questions and accompany you in the analysis of results.

Request your demo via email:

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