Training / Webinars

1 – Webinars:
– Recorded 

2 – Advice
Our Product Managers – certified by our suppliers – are able to advise our clients. They have the knowledge to carry out tests and demonstrations with the Client’s samples.

3 – After Sales Support
3.1 – Training given by the Product Manager of each equipment.
3.2 – Technical Support – Analytical.
3.3 – We regularly organize seminars and workshops.

Technical Assistance

“We are proud to note that our Technical Services are our best-selling “vehicle”!

Technicians with continuous training – certified by our Suppliers – ensure the quality of the after-sales service.

Three modalities:
1 – Corrective intervention
2 – Preventive maintenance
3 – Equipment Upgrades

Online Demos

Current list of available equipment:
– Universal testing machine
– Metallographic equipment
– Hardness testing
– Calorimeter

Request your demo by email:

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