1 – Mechanical tests in the automotive industry

• The challenges of mechanical testing in the automotive industry;
• Why mechanical testing of materials and components is so critical;
• How to achieve reliable, reproducible and traceable results.

How the most modern and efficient equipment can influence the final quality of the results.


2 – Preparation of thin blades

The preparation of thin sheets presents numerous challenges, due to the wide variety of materials that can be prepared. This technique is widely used in geology, but it can also be used in other areas, such as construction, biology and archeology. Some of the most common difficulties are the fragility of the samples, pulls out during preparation, different heights in different constituents / phases and sensitivity to water.
In this webinar, the steps for preparing thin blades with good final results will be discussed.


3 – Electric batteries – Mechanical tests

• The challenges of mechanical testing in electric cars;
• Quality control and R&D on batteries and their components, as fundamental elements in electric cars;
• Analysis of the different types of mechanical tests for batteries and their components.