Current list of available equipment:
• Mechanical Tests: Traction Machine Zwicki line
• Metallographic tests: Polishing machine / automatic sander with abrasive dispenser
• Hardness: Portable durometer
• Calorimetry: Calorimeter, IKA – gross calorific value
• Milling
• Thermal Analysis: Chip-DSC 10, Linseis – glass transition, crystallization, fusion.
• Materialographic Preparation: Request your demonstration of any Struers equipment by clicking here or contact us via email

Our product managers are available to provide the necessary information on methods and equipment.
In view of the current limitations with the social distance regime, which makes it impossible for visits and face-to-face meetings, we are available to conduct a remote and real-time demonstration.
This moment will be interactive, where we will clarify your questions as well as (o) accompany you in the analysis of results.

Request your demo by email: